Taraz  college of railway 

transport  and communications

Mission of the college . Qualified specialists with a high level of theoretical and practical skills, with high personal qualities for railway transport enterprises, taking into account the request for industrial and innovative development

Бегущая строка текста в HTMLТараз теміржол көлік және коммуникация колледжінде білім ал. Сен өкінбейсің!!! Получай знания в Таразском колледже железнодорожного транспорта и коммуникаций. Ты не пожалеешь!!!

Our progress

Director's personal blog


    Hello dear Internet visitors!

   I welcome you to the page of my personal blog, specially opened to create a more accessible and effective way of “feedback”!

     Here you can ask me questions, tell me about existing problems, share your opinion about certain events in our lives.
    This type of communication will undoubtedly contribute to a more open and prompt exchange of information. It will provide the opportunity to receive it, as they say, “first hand”. This will allow me to be aware of all problems. I am sure that this type of interaction is very useful. This will promote openness, rapprochement and improved mutual understanding between government and society, and therefore will make our lives better and more worthy.

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