Taraz  college of railway 

transport  and communications

Mission of the college . Qualified specialists with a high level of theoretical and practical skills, with high personal qualities for railway transport enterprises, taking into account the request for industrial and innovative development

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Our progress


   In the development of technical and professional knowledge, on May 18, 2021 among students of 1-2-3 courses in the competencies "Welding", "Furniture production", "Turning and metalworking production" and "Mobile robotics" of the college, under the guidance of a special subject teacher Dildabekova T. together with the deputy director for educational and production work, Zh. Taibekov, the Worldskills competition was held at the college. The competition was held in accordance with the tasks set and was an opportunity to train qualified personnel, improve the quality of vocational education and improve qualifications. As a result, by the decision of the jury members, Vyacheslav Shegay and Yeraly Marzhan were awarded 1st degree diplomas in mobile robotics, Bogdan Gonchenko and Murat Yuldashev were awarded 2nd degree diplomas. Aleksey Pushkin was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree for competence in the field of welding, Oleg Chernenko - of the 2nd degree, Yuri Bondarenko - of the 3rd degree, Konzychakov Sukhrab and Sarimamedov Gupal - with a letter of thanks. For competence in turning and metalworking, Ayazbay Batukhan was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree, Dauletbai Fatih - of the 2nd degree, Abzhamalov Shakhruzhan - of the 3rd degree. Mammadaliyev Kurban was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree for competence in the production of furniture, Evgenia Nasonova - of the 2nd degree, Umnikhina Natalya - of the 3rd degree. I want to note that "Mobile Robotics" is held in our college this year for the first time, and I want to thank Tulepbergen Umirzakovich, because it was organized by him, and I also want to thank the college staff who supported and competed.